A television show you can’t help but watch

Is there anything quite as fascinating, weird and simultaneously horrifying as kiddie beauty pageants? If you’re not convinced, we suggest you start watching the strangely riveting TLC series Toddlers and Tiaras (Wednesday at 10 p.m.).

Each episode of the show, now early in its second season, follows three families on their quest for a sparkly title, which usually features at least one intense stage parent, spray tans, outrageously expensive costuming, false eyelashes and sometimes even teeth. (“It’s great for the awkwardness,” one harried mother explains as she takes dental molds of her daughter, who had recently lost her first tooth.) And, of course, there are the terrifyingly precocious tots. Next week’s episode will follow 7-year-old Hannah, 5-year-old Riley and 6-year-old Jayla—who has a very invested pageant dad—as they compete for the West Virginia “Walk of Fame” title. We’d say more, but trust us: This is one of those things you must see to believe.

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