Train TV: NBC Local Media Keeps on Chugging

The plight of the modern media company is how to feed an increasing number of platforms with a decreasing number of journalists—er, content creators. In recent years, nowhere has this dynamic been more dramatic than at NBC Universal’s local media division. Over the past year, NBCU in New York has rolled out a new 24-hour local lifestyle/news channel, revamped its local Web site, etc. all while jettisoning a sizable chunk of the veteran news staff at its local newsroom at WNBC-4.

Yesterday afternoon, NBCU’s local media division announced that it was rolling out yet another new platform.

The announcement:

New York – NY (July 9, 2009) Tomorrow, July 10, Governor Jon Corzine will join Port Authority officials to announce the launch of 340 new passenger PATH cars that will feature additional PATHVISION digital screens offering NBC Local Media New York Content. The event will take place at Journal Square in Jersey City, New Jersey at 12:30PM. The cars are expected to start rolling out service in 2011.

In April of 2008, NBC Everywhere, through a partnership with JCDecaux North America and The Port Authority of New York launched “NBC in Transit” on PATHVISION, a network of nearly 3,000 digital screens featured at PATH stations and in trains. The joint enterprise between the companies marked the first time local and national news and entertainment content was broadcast in tri-state area trains and stations. The venture reached 6.3 million monthly riders.

Having already successfully colonized cabs, trains, gyms and grocery stores, we wonder where NBC Everywhere will show up next? Subways? Segways? Pedicabs?


Train TV: NBC Local Media Keeps on Chugging