Uncle Floyd weighs in on LG

Veteran television personality Floyd Vivino, who is mounting an independent, write-in campaign for Governor, has weighed in on the prospects of the Gov. Jon Corzine picking a Reality TV star as his running mate, according to an e-mail from Vivino's campaign manager, Michael Townsend Wright:

"As Uncle Floyd's campaign manager and official spokesman, I must tell you I finally found him browsing in a Good Will store. I was able to get a quote from him regarding Gov. Corzine's consideration of Randall Pinkett from Donald Trump's Apprentice TV series for the position of Lieutenant Governor. Floyd responded that he was going straight to the world of Hollywood for his choice.

"Who do you have in mind, Floyd?"

"The Invisible Man."

"The Invisible Man?" Why?

"It speaks for Itself"

And that was Uncle Floyd's somewhat startling announcement on this Monday July 20th, at at approximately 7:15PM."

Uncle Floyd weighs in on LG