Unions, ACORN Push Council for Coney Island Concessions as Clock Ticks

Seems like the Bloomberg administration has yet to win over unions and housing advocacy group ACORN on its Coney Island plan.

I was forwarded a letter on Friday night addressed to members of the City Council from a number of important unions and ACORN that urges the members to withhold support of the plan—a multibillion-dollar redevelopment of the historic entertainment hub—without changes to labor and housing issues.

“The window of opportunity for the City Council to make these important changes is closing fast,” the groups wrote. “Before this project is approved by the Land Use Committee and the entire body of the City Council, we ask you to modify the plan.”

The groups have been key to support of the plan—multiple Council Members have strongly pushed for a deal to satisfy concerns of the politically powerful unions—which a Council subcommittee is tentatively scheduled to vote on Monday.

The groups on the letter include ACORN, the Hotel & Motel Trades Association, 32BJ and the United Food and Commercial Workers. The letter highlights the large number of loose ends as the Coney Island saga enters its endgame. Among them is a deal with the area’s main landlord, Joe Sitt, as the city wants to buy his land, and the unions.

The Coney Island initiative is a top priority of city economic development officials right now, who are attempting to pass a rezoning they say would clear the way for thousands of new apartments and a revived, year-round amusement district.

Full letter below.

Coney Letter 7-17

Unions, ACORN Push Council for Coney Island Concessions as Clock Ticks