Villare has never met Lucas

GOP State Assembly candidates Robert Villare and Lee Lucas have never met or spoken, according to Brandon Glurk, Villare’s campaign coordinator.

“They are not currently, nor were they ever running together,” Glurk told “Unfortunately, the state GOP was too incompetent to elect one of their own. Therefore, Lucas is on the Republican ticket with Chris Christie and Bob Villare, but that is not by choice.”

Gloucester County GOP Chairman Bill Fey and Assembly Majority Leader Alex DeCroce (R-Parsippany) have called on Lucas to drop out of the race following reports of racially insensitive remarks. DeCroce has said he will not fund the Republican challengers in District 3, even though some GOP strategists had viewed the two Assembly seats as winnable.

Lucas has not been invited to a rally in Gloucester County on Monday featuring Christie and Republican National Chairman Michael Steele.

Villare, a heat surgeon, was the top vote-getter in the June 2 Republican primary. Lucas edged out former Cumberland County Surrogate Arthur Marchand by just 68 votes, with Greenwich Mayor George Shivery running fourth.

Villare has never met Lucas