What Will Michael Steele Say?

White on White Altercation used in Republican on Republican Attack

National GOP Chairman Michael Steele makes campaign stops today in legislative districts 4, 3, and 1. One big question he should answer is whether or not he supports the efforts of some New Jersey Republican State Committee members to have that body adopt the platform of the Republican National Committee.

Since June 17th, conservative State Committee members have been trying to get State Chairman Jay Webber to schedule a meeting to adopt two resolutions. One calls for the New Jersey State Committee to adopt the Republican Party platform. The other condemns the spending plan and tax increases recently proposed by Governor Jon Corzine and passed by the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

Two members offered these resolutions at the June 17th meeting that confirmed Webber’s appointment, but their efforts were blocked. It is an interesting situation to say the least. Why would a Republican State Committee not want to adopt the platform of the Republican Party? What part of the platform don’t they agree with?

Steele is visiting New Jersey just days after three Republican congressmen here provided Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats with the votes to pass the largest tax increase in American history. He is surely going to hear questions about this at his stops.Then there was the news that New Jersey Republicans don’t want former Republican nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin to campaign for them in New Jersey.

Sure Palin is controversial, but she also has the appeal to energize many Republicans, Independents, and conservative Democrats. I’m beginning to think that the New Jersey GOP’s strategy isone aimed at protecting a limited feifdom and letting it go at that.They are certainly no interested inwinning anything. Last week we saw another example of just how debased the State GOP has become.

In June, oven repairman Lee Lucas defeated two Republican elected officials in South Jersey’s 3rd legislative district. Lucas is an oaf who ran a dismal campaign, but it was enough to defeat the GOP establishment and their hand-picked candidates. Since the primary, Assembly Republican operatives have been digging up dirt on Lucas. That’s right, after the primary. These people are idiots.

The Assembly Republicans are trying to run the campaign they should have run in May – except that it’s now July. The problem for them is that there was an election in June, and they lost.

Lucas, who has been saying stupid things for years, last week was the subject of a well-orchestrated hit by the Trenton GOP. It appears that he had an argument with white neighbors, in the course of which he used the “N” word. According to the Gloucester County Times, he denies using the word that day. Of course, the Assembly operatives who shopped the story around left out the part about the neighbors being white. It is bad no matter who the audience, but don't tell half the story. Total hypocrites!

Gloucester County GOP Chairman Bill Fey basically accused anyone who ever supported Lucas of being a racist. That means that about 25% of the Republican voters in the 3rd district are, according to Fey, racists. It sounds a little high to me.

Assembly Republican chief Alex DeCroce went into a state of near hysteria over Lucas, issuing a statement of strong condemnation. Could this be because the fellow legislator he shared an office with published a book in which he stated that he wanted to round up the poor and put them in camps?

This begs the question: “How pure are you, Assemblyman DeCroce?”

There is nothing worse than a sanctimonious politician. For some reason, being a Republican seems to make it worse. I wonder if Alex DeCroce and Bill Fey would mind issuing a statement to assure us that they have never been homophobic in the presence of other white people.

I have a challenge for them. Issue just such a statement – together or individually – and I have people who will pay to have it tested by polygraph. We can do it right in the State House, on press row. Maybe Alex can make such a declaration mandatory for all aspiring Assembly candidates in the future. It would save all the angst later.

Oh, by the way, that challenge extends to staffers as well, all the way up to the Executive Director What Will Michael Steele Say?