With Espada’s Re-Defection, Skelos Clings to Reform

ALBANY—Dean Skelos, the leader of the State Senate Republican conference, just threw in the towel.

“I hope now that the leadership situation will be behind us,” Skelos just told reporters. He hoped that Democrats would stick to the reformed rules of the chamber passed on June 8, which he insisted was the entire point of the coup that crippled the State Senate for an entire month.

“It was about reform, it continues to be about reform, and we felt we had to do something dramatic,” he said.

Skelos was asked why State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. betrayed him to rejoin the Democratic conference.

“He always indicated to me that, and publicly, that he’s a Democrat, and some day, he would at least like to join that conference. He never said he was going to leave the coalition, but this was something that was his right to do,” Skelos said. “He felt we were at an impasse, and he had to just go home.”

“I guess he did what’s in his best interests,” Skelos added.

With Espada’s Re-Defection, Skelos Clings to Reform