Wojtaszek Readying Run for State Republican Chair

ALBANY—There’s news from Western New York that Henry Wojtaszek, the chairman of the Niagara County Republican Committee, is leaving his job at the law firm Harris Beach in preparation for a run at Joe Mondello’s seat as chair of the state party.

“I’m exploring a run, but it’s a full-time endeavor to get out and talk to the people,” Wojtaszek told me in a brief phone interview. He left the firm, effective Thursday.

Wojtaszek has been in Albany recently as an ancillary player in the Republican coup of June 8 that sparked a still-unresolved leadership struggle. One thing working against Wojtaszek is that he’s not particularly close to Manhattan’s wealthy. A partnership with Florida (New York) billionaire Tom Golisano would help him make a stronger case.

I asked him if he had talked about his plans with Golisano

“No, I really haven’t,” he said. “It’s basically that there’s a need now to get out there and speak to the people who actually make the decision: the 62 county chairs and the 360 state committee people. They’re the ones that will ultimately make the decision.”

Other potential successors to Mondello are John Faso, Dan Isaacs, Ed Cox and Ray Meier.

Wojtaszek Readying Run for State Republican Chair