Wright on Bloomberg’s Fenty Endorsement: So What?

At an event last night in midtown, Washington’s mayor, Adrian Fenty, an African-American Democrat, endorsed Michael Bloomberg for reelection.

Another prominent black Democratic mayor, Cory Booker of Newark, endorsed Bloomberg in April.

Assemblyman Keith Wright of Harlem isn’t impressed.

“When these outside mayors start making these endorsements, Fenty from 200 miles away, they may want to dial a 212 area code and check with the local Democrats up here, because those two are Democrats. They may want to get Mr. Thompson’s résumé,” Wright said in an interview today, referring to his preferred candidate, Bill Thompson.

“I really don’t think an endorsement from Newark or Washington, D.C., resonates at all,” said Wright. “I don’t think it resonates among the people in the five boroughs. Nobody is going to the polls because Cory Booker said to go. Nobody is going to the polls because Adrian Fenty said to,” said Wright.

“New Yorkers are very funny. They don’t go for outside endorsements.”/p>

Spokespeople for Booker and Fenty did not return messages seeking comment.

Wright initially vented his frustrations about the Booker endorsement to Crain’s Insider.

UPDATE: What does Al Sharpton think Booker and Adrian Fenty endorsing Bloomberg?

“I think that’s nice. Maybe the people in town are the ones he needs to concentrate on,” he said.

Wright on Bloomberg’s Fenty Endorsement: So What?