You All Everybody: The Lost Panel at Comic-Con Provides Some Summertime Answers

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Sometimes we actually find ourselves wondering what we’re going to needlessly obsess over once Lost shuffles off this mortal coil in May of next year. Case in point: We used the end-of-the-world thunderstorms yesterday afternoon as an excuse to spend hours catching up on Saturday’s Lost panel at Comic-Con, which featured things both slight (Nestor Carbonell eye-liner jokes!) and revealing (Kate didn’t actually kill her stepfather?). You can watch most of the panel with creators Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof right here. In the meantime, however, here are three things we learned from the Comic-Con presentation.

We’re Getting the Band Back Together!

Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were, not surprisingly, very hush-hush on specifics for the final season, offering only that they “want the show to feel like a loop closing in this final year.” They also helpfully said that while season five was “the time travel season,” season six would be something else entirely. Could that something else be a show full of zombies? Maybe! Both Dominic Monaghan and Ian Somerhalder (who play the long dead Charlie and Boone, respectively) have been tapped to return and Messrs. Cuse and Lindelof used Comic-Con to confirm that both Elizabeth Mitchell and Jeremy Davies (who play the presumed dead Juliet and definitely dead Daniel Faraday) would have a presence in the final season as well. Additionally, the promo poster features Michelle Rodriguez and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko—you guessed it—both dead). Guess that whole “Let’s detonate a Hydrogen bomb and reset the series!” trick actually worked. No word yet on whether Nikki and Paolo will make it back for the reunion, however.

Michael Emerson’s Next Role: Comedy Superstar!

Special guests were rampant during the panel, as stars Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway and even Mr. Monaghan all showed up to the delight and glee of the 6,000 assembled fans. But, as usual, we only had eyes for Michael Emerson. Wearing what appeared to be McLovin’s vest from Superbad, our favorite nefarious villain brought the house down with a couple of tongue-in-cheek parodies and dripped such sarcasm that “slippery when wet” signs were probably needed in his wake. We had been worried that Mr. Emerson would forever be typecast as an intellectual bad guy, but his appearance at Comic-Con makes us think an Alec Baldwin-on-30 Rock-type role awaits him post Lost. Hooray!

Don’t Stop Believin’!

If you like tidy solutions, prepare to be frustrated. During the Q&A portion of the panel, Mr. Lindelof said that the final season would answer “everything that matters.” Whatever loose ends are left dangling when the curtain falls on Lost, you can be certain that Messrs. Cuse and Lindelof will say they didn’t actually matter. While both men have stated that they won’t end their iconic series like David Chase ended The Sopranos, it’s clear they’ve taken one page out of his playbook: Always leave yourself a loophole. Now excuse us while we try to figure out what happened to the Russian guy in the Pine Barrens.

You All Everybody: The Lost Panel at Comic-Con Provides Some Summertime Answers