A day at the beach with Jon or Chris?

Former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie may have a nine point lead in today's Quinnipiac University poll of the 2009 race for governor, but more New Jerseyans, by a 42%-36% margin, would rather spend an afternoon in the Sandy Hook beach with Gov. Jon Corzine, according to the poll.

Among women, Corzine is the preferred date by a 46%-31% margin, while men (42%-38%) say they would prefer a day with Christie.

In all, about two out of three voters (65%) told Quinnipiac that when they pick their governor, a "likeable personality" is either very important or somewhat important.

If anyone cares, The Inside Edge remains undecided on a preferred beach buddy. Corzine could help his guests avoid traffic by using his state helicopter, and the governor has the nice beach house. But Christie could load up his IPod with his collection of Jim Treffinger wiretaps. It's a close call. A day at the beach with Jon or Chris?