A Savior to Destroy the Borough President Offices

Scott Stringer’s long-shot Republican opponent is trying, at least.

David Casavis, a locally well-known Republican personality on the East Side and a foreign service buff, emailed friends and reporters the layout of a flier he plans to hand out shortly, which includes a New York Post editorial about the departure of Lee Landor, who worked for Stringer. Below it, Casavis writes:

Why let politicians cut our jobs? Cut the politicians instead!

Casavis for Borough President

David Can Save Us

Casavis makes another pitch in this little-watched June 4 video, in which he stands next to a statue of a boar to contend that borough presidents waste too much money.

“Washington will give us a lot of money. It’s going to do a lot for us. It will have no effect if the hogs slurp it all up,” he says. A Savior to Destroy the Borough President Offices