A Waterfront Project as Cool as the High Line

Michael Bloomberg, Sheldon Silver and David Paterson unveiled plans to build a $148 million esplanade and refurbish two piers along the East River Water Front.

“This design, without any question, is as innovating and exciting as the High Line,” said Amanda Burden, chair of the city planning commission. She said it “will not only be an attraction citywide, globally, it will also provide incredible amenities” such as “bar stools on the railing” and “bleacher seating” so you can get “right down to water level.”

When a reporter asked about delays that previously stalled the groundbreaking on this project, Robert Lieber, the deputy mayor for economic development, said, “this is an enormously complicated project” and “it’s better to measure twice and cut once” and “make sure you have the right design in place before you go forward.”

Joining them at the location were Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, State Senator Dan Squadron and others. Bloomberg said the project will generate 400 jobs. Paterson said it will connect Battery Park to the East River. A Waterfront Project as Cool as the High Line