Aborn on the Court’s Decision on Sean Bell Cops

Sean Bell’s parents endorsed Richard Aborn for Manhattan district attorney today. A reader promptly sent over this video of Aborn’s appearance on NY1’s The Call from last year. In it, Aborn expresses sympathy for the victim’s family, but says of the officers involved, there was no “criminal culpability.”

At the 2:46 mark, Aborn said, “I think these are highly trained cops. In this case, they could have done things differently. But in terms of criminal culpability, there was none and the court found that. The court found that what they did, as tragic as it was, and this is a tragedy in the truest sense of the word, what they did was justified. And once a court reaches a decision, that the shooting was justified, all the charges fall away.”

When asked for comment about the video, Aborn spokeswoman Alexis Grenell said, “Richard watched this video with Mr. and Mrs. Bell and discussed with them their shared goal of improving relations between the community and the police. After watching the video and discussing these issues with him, the Bells enthusiastically endorsed his candidacy.” Aborn on the Court’s Decision on Sean Bell Cops