Appelbaum Tugs on a Billionaire’s Cape

RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum’s threat to Michael Bloomberg is now a bumper sticker the labor leader is handing out.

It’s being sent to RWDSU members, along with a letter that says, “Mike Bloomberg has spent tens of millions of dollars and may spend in excess of 100 million dollars on his campaign – overwhelming any dissenting voices by an avalanche of TV commercials and mail and staff. Elections should be about debating issues – and anything that precludes that from happening by trying to submerge the debate under bushels of money and drowning out the other side is harmful for our democracy.”

UPDATE: A reader emails this historical note: “The ‘make him spend it all’ meme originated in the 1980 WV Gov’s race – when Arch Moore had bumper stickers made against Jay Rockefeller that said ‘Make him spend it all, Arch!'” Appelbaum Tugs on a Billionaire’s Cape