At Premiere of Her Love Doc, Charlyne Yi Shoots Down Those Michael Cera Rumors

Michael Cera was not at Gen Art’s premiere of Paper Heart, Charlyne Yi’s new docu-narrative, but he was still the center of attention. Ms. Yi, best known for her few lines as the well-meaning stoner in Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up, dates Michael Cera in the film and has been rumored o have just broken up with him after a real-life relationship.

Ms. Yi walked the short red carpet in wet brown suede shoes and a red cardigan sweater. After posing for pictures, she picked up the olive-drab Army backpack she had left with a publicist after posing for pictures. 

Ms. Yi told reporters that she had never dated Michael Cera. “Gossipers!” she yelped. “You are all gossipers!” Well, why did she pick him to play her onscreen boyfriend in the first place? “Martin Lawrence passed,” she quipped. Touché!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how sick is director Nick Jasenovec of talking about the Yi/Cera romance? “How about 11?” he said.

Paper Heart is a film about learning to believe in love. How disillusioned were the premiere’s stars about love when they were 14? “I was horrible!” Bill Hader, of assorted Apatow fame, said. “I was horrible with women forever.” Jess Weixler, the star of 2007’s Teeth, a horror film about a woman with a set of teeth in her vagina, was similarly disenchanted because “they make princesses look like brides and that’s not true. Princesses and brides are not one thing!” Times have changed for Ms. Weixler, who had her arm around her boyfriend’s waist as she spoke to the Transom. “I spent the summer in Italy away from my boyfriend yet I stayed true to him. That’s a great little romance story!”

When Ms. Yi finally finishes answering the same Michael Cera question over and over, she plans to write a comic book. Ms. Yi, who incidentally claimed that, “she’s never been high in her life,” told the Transom that the graphic novel will have a “post-apocalyptic theme where this girl is going to save the world. It came to me in a dream.” At Premiere of Her Love Doc, Charlyne Yi Shoots Down Those Michael Cera Rumors