Aunt Mabel Suggests…

Ever notice that the most-emailed list is slanted toward an older demographic? Maybe because only folks over a certain age—like our Aunt Mabel—still use the email tool. Here’s a quick, annotated guide to what Grandma and Grandpa thought you might be interested in from …

1. Americans invade China! There are so many of them! Right? Former Observer intern Adriane Quinlan, who lived in Beijing, writes that she knew four of the seven people interviewed. Hmmm. We love a trend story too, but there’s something a little funky going on in the top 10 list today (see number 8 below).

2. I feel like we haven’t read a lot about Ann Dunham Soetoro, Obama’s mom. But here’s a piece on how she had some anthropology chops!

3. Go online and learn how to sleep. This has a lot of no. 1 potential for tomorrow. We know Auntie has some problems on this front.

4. Health care made easy!

5. Oh, Tara Parker-Pope you redheaded devil you! This story has cemented the comeback, officially. Mark Bittman, wake up! You’ll need a new piece soon.

6. Lament for taxonomy.

7. The quick-and-easy Tim Egan Sarah Palin column.

8. And here’s our second troubling trend story! Auntie loves a story about how people check their email before washing their face, or brushing their teeth. But how kosher was the sourcing in this story? Not good! NYTPicker wrote that writer Brad Stone–and the business desk–had a more-than-familiar relationship with several of the sources used, and Catherine Mathis had to send a statement that said, effectively, business editor Larry Ingrassia wishes there were more sources in the story. Yikes.

9. About time, Westchester.

10. Krugman’s column holds on for two days.

Today’s Tally:
Health: 3
Columnists: 2
Technology: 1
Foreign: 1
Science: 1
New York: 1
Op-Ed Contributors: 1

Overall Tally:
Columnists: 90
Health: 76
Food: 30
Op-Ed Contributors: 24
Technology: 22
Travel: 19
Money: 18 Aunt Mabel Suggests…