Barron on Paterson’s ‘Political Moonwalk’

Charles Barron isn’t happy that David Paterson is backing off his criticism of the media.

“It’s just absurd and ludicrous, knowing that racism permeates every institution in America, and to suggest that the media escapes this taint,” Barron said in a brief interview this afternoon.

“He shouldn’t have done the political moonwalk on this. That’s not a courageous thing to do,” said Barron.

Barron also defended about Paterson’s earlier criticism of minority journalists who “buy the public line” about the governor’s political woes.

Barron said, “Some black journalists get into this business and mimic the language of their white colleagues, ‘the controversial Charles Barron.’ They don’t say ‘the controversial Mayor Bloomberg’ or ‘the controversial George Bush.’ They don’t say that about whites. Sometimes black journalists who work for white media outlets take on the same language and stance as their white colleagues.”

“You can have a black police commissioner and still have racial profiling. Just like racism in the media doesn’t stop when you have a black journalist,” he said.

“We got to stop blaming the victims of racism for playing the race card,” said Barron.

Barron on Paterson’s ‘Political Moonwalk’