Beware of Federer Fatigue

Last year, when Roger Federer came to Queens without a Slam, New Yorkers did everything they could to pick him up. He became a sentimental favorite. He excited the crowd. Then he won the Open.

If Roger wins a sixth straight Open this year, one could argue it’s his best season ever–he will have won on all three surfaces and his 16th major.

But will New Yorkers grow tired of him? Will they openly start rooting for the other guy?

Certainly, he’s not the charmingly modest guy he once was. At Wimbledon, he wore an oversize, white-and-gold racket bag on his shoulder that looked like a chihuahua carrier. In a TV commercial, he pulled a wheelbarrow full of Grand Slam trophies. Over the weekend, he told the Times, “For me, it’s important that a fan can buy something that is related to me.”

The reaction hasn’t been great. He has been pronounced “King Bling,” and has been roundly criticized.

Maybe none of that matters. Maybe it’s still Federer’s tournament to lose.

We’ll see what the crowd thinks.


  Beware of Federer Fatigue