Bloomberg and Two Bits

Here’s Michael Bloomberg discussing a report that the rapper “50 Cents” was planning a concert in Queens, a prospect which has prompted concern by the NYPD.

“Our understanding after talking with 50 Cents is he has no plans to perform whatsoever. He might go but he is not going to perform,” Bloomberg said.

Later, the mayor added, “I did not plan to go to the concert because I wanted to go see 50 Cents but will not get a chance to do that this time.”

Afterward, a press aide came over to reporters, who were still laughing, and reminded them that the mayor often adds an unneeded “s” to the end of many words, like “moneys” and “anyways.”

In Bloomberg defense, he did impress some folks with his knowledge of Jay-Z’s work, citing one of the rapper’s lesser-known songs during an event last year about free recreational activities in the city.

Bloomberg and Two Bits