Bloomberg on the Death of Firefighter Warhola

A subdued tone on the mayor's radio show this morning after a firefighter died in the line of duty. From a transcript provided by City Hall:

John Gambling: Yes indeed, here we are on News Talk Radio 710 WOR. Friday John Gambling Show. Eight after 8 o’clock Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in Studio 4. Good morning. 

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg: Good morning. It’s- usually, you know, we’re bright eyed, bushy-tailed, talk about fun things; this morning not so fun.

Gambling: That’s what I hear.

Mayor: Yeah. It’s very sad. There’s a firefighter, Paul Warhola, W-A-R-H-O-L-A, I think, from Engine 221, and he suffered a stroke on Wednesday while-

Gambling: In the line of duty?

Mayor: Yeah, he was working at the Brooklyn fire house and then this morning he died at Bellevue Hospital.  You know, he became ill during the response and then got back to the firehouse and he started feeling worse and worse so they rushed him to- EMS rushed him to Bellevue and died this morning. You know, talked to a couple of guys and they said this really was one of the bravest. He’s got 16 years on the job, wife, son, 15, and a daughter.  You know, the daughter’s 13, so they’re old enough to really have known their father, and you know, you’ve got to- prayers are obviously with him and the family, but it’s just another example of, you know, people put their lives on the line all the time to make this city safer. And sometimes they just don’t come home.

Bloomberg on the Death of Firefighter Warhola