Bloomberg Says If You Don’t Like His Ads, ‘Don’t Watch’

Michael Bloomberg said if people don’t like his campaign ads, “don’t watch.”

At a press conference on Broadway, where Bloomberg stuffed boxes to be sent to members of the armed forces stationed overseas, a reporter pressed Bloomberg on his ads–which, a poll said, annoy voters.

The ads are “somewhat unavoidable,” said a reporter from the Associated Press.

“I’ve managed to avoid them,” said Bloomberg.

“You don’t ever see your ads?” the reporter asked.

“I don’t have time to watch television,” he said. “I have a job that sort of requires me to work from sort of early in the morning till the middle of the evening. Then, catching up on all the work that I have to take home, I don’t have a lot of time to watch television. But if I did, and I didn’t like the ads, I guess I could turn it off or not watch.”

Bloomberg also said he didn’t watch last night’s debate and that, in general, such events aren’t too informative.

I asked him how busy New Yorkers could learn about the candidates.

“Well, you can go to the city’s management report and see what the city has done,” he said. “Or they can they can read your blog, I suppose. I’m sure everybody does and that’ll give them all the information they need.” Bloomberg Says If You Don’t Like His Ads, ‘Don’t Watch’