Byrne and Lacey mulled statewide campaigns from the bench

There is some precedent to law enforcement officials mulling political futures from non-political posts.Brendan Byrne (in 1973) resigned their his post as Superior Court Judges after the demonstration of some significant support for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

In 1977, Frederick Lacey, a respected U.S. District Court Judge and former U.S. Attorney, was serious about entering the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, and some say he wanted to run. After a meeting at his home, at least one major county GOP organization was prepared to back him. That fell apart over a small, but important, detail: Lacey wanted the endorsement to come first, and the Republicans wanted him to resign from the bench and enter the race before they would announce their backing. That was based on the precedent set four years earlier when Byrne delivered his resignation to the Governor's Office and then went outside the statehouse to announce that he would run for Governor.|

Two sitting New Jersey Attorneys General launched campaigns for governor from the Department of Law and Public Safety: Democrat John Degnan in 1981 and Cary Edwards in 1989.

(corrected) Byrne and Lacey mulled statewide campaigns from the bench