Now *you* can choose how the world will end

Each day seems to bring new horrific possibilities as to how America and its inhabitants will be destroyed. But instead of worrying (will it be swine flu or robots?), why not decide for yourself with the very clever, tongue-in-cheek Choose Your Own Apocalypse?

The good people at Slate have come up with 144 potential apocalypses, and the interactive site allows you to choose up to five favorite scenarios. Some are fairly obvious (nuclear war, how retro!), and we learned of some scary new ones—like that asteroid that could crash into the earth in 2036; NASA reports put the odds at less than 1 in 45,000—but the most fun are the totally out-there narratives: i.e., “Vermont Independence,” “Canada Fails” or an “Alien Species” (like the Burmese python) that eats everything and everyone in its path. Make your picks and find out what your apocalyptic choices say about you, and then compare your answers with the results of more than 60,000 other readers. (Personally, we just can’t believe more people aren’t going with “Gray Goo.”)

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