Chris Christie Reveals Three Part Plan to Save New Jersey Money

In the past several months since he announced his candidacy for governor, former US Attorney Chris Christie, has been mostly quiet about his governing plans. Long on rhetoric, but short on substance, one might say. ‘One’ might say—except Christie, of course, who was not saying much of anything.

During the Republican primary against Americans for Prosperity-NJ head Steve Lonegan, Chistie was as quiet as Justice Clarence Thomas during a US Supreme Court session. “Heck, for the whole primary, Christie was as quiet as Obama without a teleprompter, for gosh sakes,” added Lonegan himself.

But, no more. Christie has announced his three-part plan to save New Jersey residents money.

“After many long conversations over the last year with my chief consultant, Karl Rove, we have developed a wonderful three-part plan to save New Jersey citizens tons of money,” declared Christie. “Karl Rove agreed, “Yup, after many, many long talks.”

“Taxes, auto insurance and vehicle registration fees have taken a bigger and bigger bite out of our collective NJ backsides. But, with the Christie Plan, —that is a thing of the past. From now on it’s ‘Just Say No!’ ”.

The press release from the Christie for Governor campaign explained further:

“The “Just Say No!” Plan is simple: When called upon to pay auto insurance, don’t. When you have to register your car, don’t. When the need arises to file income from a loan you have given to an employee, don’t. It’s that simple. If all New Jerseyeans follow the Just Say No! Plan, you’ll save money, too.”

“It worked for me, and it will work for you. Let’s say you’re driving in a typical New Jersey town—Lambertville, for instance—and you get pulled over for speeding. And let’s say you’re driving with your family, kids, the wife, —and say, a co-worker you’ve lent $46,000 to—if you’re like me, and are driving without auto insurance and in an unregistered car—the officer will ask you, ‘Hey, do you have auto insurance? Do you have a vehicle registration? Follow my lead: Just say No! They’re gonna let you go! Just like that! Oh, you’ll pay the fine to the town—but you’ll save the big bucks on insurance and fees!”

So, in November, it’s the Chris Christie “Just Say No!” Plan. And you’ll be able to tell your friends, “I saved a bunch of money on my auto insurance!” Chris Christie Reveals Three Part Plan to Save New Jersey Money