Christie camp breaks their own news

Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie’s campaign poked fun at the media this morning, launching a newscast parody web ad to counter a spate of negative news stories about Christie in recent weeks.

In the ad, an unnamed Christie staffer plays a news anchor for a network called CCN who reads off “breaking news” about Christie.

“This morning, Chris Christie stopped for a bottle of water at his local convenience store. At the cash register, Christie nabbed a penny from the penny tray to cover his $1.36 tab, but did not put a penny back. The Corzine campaign bought their 16th ad space on to launch a new attack ad asking, "If he'll take your change, what else of yours is really safe?,” says the anchor.

The campaign followed up with a press release admitting that Christie borrowed 50 cents from a 3rd grade schoolmate for lunch.

“According to high-level sources within the Christie campaign, Chris borrowed 50 cents from a schoolmate in 3rd grade and has yet to return the money. Christie announced he will repay the debt plus $13.68 in accumulated interest,” it read.

Another release suggested that Christie was caught pulling tags of his mattress.

"Today, it was revealed that Chris Christie was seen removing the tags from the mattresses in his home. A team of investigators searched the Christie residence for the missing tags, but no evidence was found. The New Jersey Democratic State Committee has begun a countdown clock logging the days until the tags are found," the mock release said. "Stay tuned for additional Breaking News Alerts, either straight from the source or from the latest absurd Corzine campaign attack."

The Corzine campiagn did not see the humor.

"They may think it's funny, but a federal prosecutor using their power to pressure local law enforcement into giving them preferential treatment is no laughing matter," said Corzine spokeswoman Elisabeth Smith. "In fact, several public officials in New Jersey have been forced to resign over the very same thing. At the end of the day, it is more and more evident that Christie has always had one set of rules for himself and another for everyone else."

Neither did Democratic National Committee spokesman Michael Czin.

“The Christie campaign must have produced their new ad over the last few days while avoiding questions about Christie’s law breaking conversations with Karl Rove, his secret loansand amysterious traffic stop. Instead of mocking the news, maybe they could spend their time answering the people’s questions about the important issues facing New Jersey. The only thing that's a mockery is Chris Christie lecturing anyone about ethics,” he said.

Update, 3:34pm: Christie Campaign Manager Bill Stepien wrapped up the day's humorous press releases with a call to refocus the campain on taxes and the economy.

"The Christie-Guadagno campaign challenges Governor Corzine to spend the next 68 days until Election Day debating the issues that impact the lives of New Jerseyans. It is time for Governor Corzine to provide answers on his failed record and New Jersey's floundering economy," he said. " New Jerseyans are tired of slanderous personal attacks from Governor Corzine's campaign, which aim to cloud the public debate with irrelevant half-truths. New Jersey is hurting and needs a governor who will prioritize fixing New Jersey's economy ahead of political semantics." Christie camp breaks their own news