Christie goes on statewide TV for the first time since the primary

Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie’s campaign will go up on statewide broadcast television for the first time since the primary.

The 30-second spot, titled “Voices,” features residents griping about the state’s taxes, lack of ethics reform, and calling Governor Corzine “out of touch” and a “failure.” Towards the end of the ad, the residents say they voted for President Obama last year but plan to vote for Christie this year.

Christie spokeswoman Maria Comella would not say how much the campaign will spend airing the spot.

As of two weeks ago, Governor Corzine had already spent $5.4 million on TV ads since the June 2 primary – almost exactly half of the total amount of money Christie is able to raise, since he accepts matching funds from the state.

Correction: This article originally referred to the people featured in the commercial as actors. Comella said that they were "not paid actors."

Update, 5:48pm
Response from Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Michael Czin:
"This is the third Christie video in the last few days that isn't grounded in reality. The first ad used an actor, his staff acted in the second, and now Christie is acting as if he supports President Obama. Christie has consistently said "no" to the President's efforts on economic recovery, reducing the cost of health insurance and ensuring energy independence, and instead has championed his own radical agenda. While it’s politically expedient for Christie to use the President’s supporters in an ad, we’re eagerly awaiting a Christie campaign ad featuring the candidates he has fought to elect, namely George Bush and Dick Cheney. Maybe Karl Rove can get him back in touch."


Christie goes on statewide TV for the first time since the primary