Codey weighs in on Rove

A day after Karl Rove admitted he had conversations with Chris Christie about the latter's gubernatorial aspirations, including while Christie was in office as U.S. Attorney, Senate President Richard J. Codey (D-Roseland) again plugged a bill of his that would bar the state’s top investigators from running for political office for two years after leaving their post.

“The recently released testimony from Karl Rove underscores the need to pass this bill," Codey said in a statement."The public has a right to know whether their top law enforcement investigators are acting in good faith.Given the power that prosecutors hold, it should be clear whether they are motivated by the sole desire to uphold the law or by future political aspirations.

“The rumors were circulating for ages that Chris Christie would run for office and he formally started to explore a run just a few months after leaving the U.S. Attorney’s office," Codey added."The testimony of Karl Rove only adds fuel to the fire that Christie was planning a run for Governor while he was U.S. Attorney.If anybody in New Jersey thinks Chris Christie only had this conversation with Karl Rove, and Karl Rove alone, then they probably think they’ll be shopping at Xanadu by Christmastime too. Unfortunately, because it’s a federal post, we may not be able to apply these provisions to U.S. Attorneys, but we can at least have confidence that our other top investigators are acting with pure motives.”

Codey's Rove weigh-in has been his most significant public step-up on Gov. Jon Corzine's behalf since the conclusion of the Republican Primary. Codey weighs in on Rove