Coming Soon:’s 2009 County Chairman Report Card

The County Chairmen Report Card, a popular feature in the early years of this website, will return in August 2009 using the same criteria from the first set of rankings in 2001. County Chairs will get a score of zero to ten points in each of ten categories:

LEADERSHIP: Gauges the Chairman's leadership skills and general performance.

PARTY POPULARITY: Gauges the popularity of the Chairman among County Committee and Elected Officials within their own county.

UNITY: Gauges the Chairman's ability to unify the party in primary and general elections.

STATEWIDE CLOUT: Gauges the power of the Chairman within the state political party structure and among the most influential elected officials, and their value to statewide and regional candidates.

FUNDRAISING: Gauges the ability of the Chairman to raise money for the county organization.

POWER OF THE ENDORSEMENT AND THE LINE: Gauges the value of the Chairman's personal endorsement in primaries, and if a line exists, the clout of the organization line in a primary election.

TRACK RECORD: Gauges the success of the Chairman at winning elections, including statewide candidates, congressional, legislative, county and municipal.

CANDIDATE QUALITY: Gauges the quality of the candidates recruited by the Chairman to run for the legislature and for county and municipal office.

CAMPAIGN SKILLS: Gauges the Chairman's ability to craft a message and develop a winning campaign strategy, and to secure the services of quality professionals who can implement the campaign plan.

PATRONAGE: Gauges the Chairman's ability to deliver for his organization, as it relates to appointments, patronage and professional contracts at the state, county and municipal levels.

Coming Soon:’s 2009 County Chairman Report Card