Conservatives for Hoffman, Conservatives for Scozzafava

ALBANY—As expected, Doug Hoffman has been publicly blessed by the Conservative Party as their standard bearer to replace John McHugh in Congress, and his Republican opponent is wasting no time shoring up her right flank.

Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava's campaign sent out a press release announcing the formation of "Conservatives for Scozzafava" co-chaired by Dwayne Martin, a corrections officer and businesswoman Donna Lawrence. Scozzafava has been attacked by some conservatives for taking moderate stances on abortion and same-sex marriage.

"There are a lot of powerful interest groups in New York City and Washington, DC who think this race should be about their own national agenda – not about the issues that matter to us," Martin says in the release. "Dede is a fiscal conservative with a record of creating jobs who will protect our Second Amendment rights, promote national security, reduce taxes and stand tough on illegal immigration."

An article in this morning's New York Times talks about the rift Scozzafava's nomination has exposed among some Republicans. Clearly the campaign is hoping to minimize a two front-war which Democratic strategists say could help push them to victory.

Democrats have yet to name a candidate to succeed McHugh, who hasn’t yet vacated his seat.

Conservatives for Hoffman, Conservatives for Scozzafava