Corzine camp presses on for FOIA requests

Governor Corzine’s campaign continues to press the U.S. Attorney’s office on FOIA requests it says they’ve stalled on fulfilling.

The campaign today filed eight administrative challenges to the Department of Justice’s Office of Information and Privacy in order to “break five months of stonewalling” on 18 of its requests regarding Corzine’s opponent Chris Christie, the former U.S. Attorney.

“The United States Attorney’s office has many fine, dedicated, professional lawyers,” said Corzine strategist Tom Shea. “But, in light of recent reports that Acting U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra is under investigation to determine if he has used the office to help further the Christie campaign, Second Assistant U.S. Attorney Michele Brown has an ongoing financial relationship with Christie and Christie was communicating with Karl Rove about his run for governor from that office, we feel it is even more important we receive the information requested.”

The Corzine camp wants Christie’s budgets, travel records, expenses, schedules, details on federal monitoring contacts, communications with Rove and any communications between Christie and members of the office since he resigned late last year.

Acting U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra last week issued a statement defending his office from the Corzine campaign’s charges, saying that they’ve prioritized the requests and are spending hundreds of employee hours to fulfill them.

“The U.S. Attorney’s Office has worked as professionally and expeditiously as it can to fulfill all the requests and has been in virtually daily contact with the Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) in Washington to accomplish this burdensome and continuous task,” Marra said at the time. Corzine camp presses on for FOIA requests