Cox Heads to Albany for an Endorsement, He Hopes

ALBANY—Ed Cox will travel to the Capitol today, as he and Henry Wojtaszek continue jockeying to become the next Republican state chairman.

Cox has scheduled a "special announcement," where according to a Republican source, he is expecting the endorsement of Albany Republican Chairman John Graziano Sr. (A spokesman for Graziano wouldn't comment specifically on the plan.)

Cox was present last Tuesday as Graziano opened a new headquarters for the party, along with Chris Callaghan and John Faso. Graziano, whose name was also briefly floated for the chairmanship, also met Wednesday with Wojtaszek.

As Liz reported this morning, Wojtaszek and his backers are lobbying county chairs who have already come out for Cox to get behind him. Another source told me Wojtaszek met with one such chairman, Michael McCormack of Dutchess County, on Thursday. Cox Heads to Albany for an Endorsement, He Hopes