Cuomo Aims at Companies Exploiting Immigrants

ALBANY—Andrew Cuomo just held a conference call to announce he's settled with four companies that fraudulently provided services to immigrants.

"This country has a maze of immigration laws and regulations. People are trying to find their way through that maze, do it legally and play by the rules, and are getting victimized by scam artists," Cuomo said, noting his opinion that there needs to be more regulation and enforcement. "This is only the beginning. I want to be heard loud and clear on this point: The people who have been providing this scam, who have been running this scam, who have been providing this service illegally, stop and stop today. Because we will find you."

He was joined on the line by three Assemblymen of Hispanic descent—Peter Rivera, Adriano Espaillat and Phil Ramos—who all praised his work on behalf of an issue that is very important to the Latino community.

Some of Cuomo's filled in details of the action: a settlement with three immigration companies that bars them from operating and forces them to pay $118,000 in restitution, as well as civil suits filed against three other companies.

Cuomo sounded testy as he presided over four questions from reporters on the line. He directed one to an aide, and noted that the answer to another could be found in a press release.

Then Cuomo ended the call. Cuomo Aims at Companies Exploiting Immigrants