Daggett seeks actors to play Corzine & Christie in TV ads

Independent gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett's campaign is filming a non-union TV ad on August 26 in New York and has put out a casting call for actors. Daggett wants actors to play his two opponents, Gov. Jon Corzine and former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie. Daggett is paying $400 for the day.

The Corzine look-alike should "resemble actual political candidate! Early to mid 60's. Salt & Pepper hair w/receding hairline, balding on top (longer in back of head preferred). He has a light to grayish beard and moustache. Medium build. Glasses a plus (but not necessary). Should have business suit."

Christie's look-alike should also resemble an actual political candidate… "Mid to late 40's. Brown hair (longer bangs preferred). He is definitely on the chubbier/heavier side, but not obese. Should have business suit."

Daggett is also seeking firefighters ("indicate you have proper wardrobe & gear'), Adults ("all types and ethnicities…most will be booked from the 30's to 40's age range"), Kids ("various, ages 10 and up"), and a grandma type (Must be able to move, but convey cute older grandma type"). Those actors will make $200/day.

If you're interested, send your photo to 3CRAZYLADIES@GMAIL.COM.

Daggett's TV ads are being produced by Bill Hillsman, a talented political media consultant who worked for Paul Wellstone, Jesse Ventura, Ned Lamont, and others. Daggett seeks actors to play Corzine & Christie in TV ads