See the thriller that made Nicole Kidman famous

A handsome couple, a beautiful yacht, serene ocean waters: What could possibly go wrong? As anyone who has ever seen a movie knows, plenty, as is expertly demonstrated in the 1989 Aussie thriller Dead Calm (available on DVD 9/8).

Nicole Kidman—baby-faced with bright red ringlets—and Sam Neill star as parents mourning for their baby son who’s died in a car accident, seeking peace out on the Pacific. When they cross paths with another vessel, a young man (a maniacal Billy Zane) claims to be the only survivor of food poisoning. Hmmm. Mayhem begins soon after husband and wife split up (he to inspect the other ship, she to deal with the increasingly homicidal castaway), and director Philip Noyce teases the tension and stress level up to ridiculously nail-biting levels.

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