Did You Digg It?

If the NYTimes.com most-emailed list was curated by Aunt Mabel, Digg.com’s ‘top news in all content’ list is probably generated by her 20- (or 30-) something nephew: a Twittering, iPhone wielding, card-carrying member of Generation Wii. Here’s what this dude (we’ll call him Kevin) and the rest of Diggnation have been Diggin’ in the past week:

Why The F.C.C. Wants To Smash Open The iPhone — A TechCrunch article republished on WashingtonPost.com examined whether an F.C.C.’s investigation of Apple’s rejection of a Google Voice application in the iPhone store might be their attempt to put “a stake in the ground for making the wireless networks controlled by cell phone carriers as open as the Internet.” Comment from dreamtiger: “I am an Apple user and I approve this message. Support Net Neutrality!” Another, from bjornski: “I’m a PC, and I support network neutrality too!”

Fake ATM Doesn’t Last Long at Hacker Meet — Ha! Criminals installed a fake ATM machine in a hotel lobby and the geeks figured out a PC inside the machine was recording credit card and PIN numbers. Comment from kevinmoore: “The article says that the machine didn’t last long yet it doesn’t indicate when the system was installed. It could have been there for years and it took a security conference for someone to notice it.”

Glenn Beck Fan, Highly Armed, Busted in NY Incident — “Chock it up as another instance in the growing list of crazies spurred to craziness by Right-Wing media crazies,” according to the DailyKos article, which quoted the Saturday New York Post. A Long Island mother of three “armed to the teeth with an assault rifle and shotgun — was arrested for scouting out and taking pictures of an Air National Guard base.” She was apparently paranoid of “FEMA Camps.”

Apple Tries To Silence Owner Of Exploding iPod — The UK’s Times reported on Apple’s attempt to silence a father and daughter after her iPod exploded and they sought a refund from the company. Comment from ddlam: “iGag order.”

Nuka Cola Machine — A soda machine that dispenses green glowing beverages! It’s actually Mike’s Hard Lemonade with an auqa-colored LED and battery taped to the bottom of the bottle—but it kinda looks like Superman’s kryptonite or something, so Diggers are diggin’ it.

Lou Dobbs A “Publicity Nightmare” For CNN: AP — A Sunday AP article republished on the Huffington Post considers Mr. Dobbs a “publicity nightmare” for CNN because he hosted a show “that seemed to contradict the network’s no bias brand.” As The Observer pointed out last week, his controversy-mongering hasn’t helped his ratings.

How Gawker Ripped Off My Newspaper StoryThe Washington Post‘s Ian Shapira looks at how Gawker and other Internet sites are “killing reporting” by “stealing” reporting for their own stories. A few weeks ago, Gawker blogged about Shapira’s  profile of “business coach” Anne Loehr, who charged her early-Gen-X/Boomer clients $500 to $2,500 to explain how Millennials behave in the workplace. Comment from whatthefu: “It’s called blogspam. Some blogs like to get a substantial amount of content from other sources and just quote them. Then sites like Digg sends people to those pages instead of the actual article.” Ahem.

Seven (More) Reasons to Ditch Your iPhone (and AT&T) — A Fast Company article ripping on Apple’s Google Voice controversy and piling on even more gripes about the iPhone. Diggers seem to be enjoying their formerly beloved Apple’s recent press problems. Where’s the cultlike love?

Hackers Whack Music Industry For Punishing Pirate — Hackers attacked the Romania version of the RIAA’s site after the organization fined a
“random” file-sharer to make an example out of him, according to TorrentFreak.com. Comment drom DiaMa: “Killing a chicken will not scare the eggs.”

JAG Wins, Calling Out Yoo & Cheney in Court for War Crimes — A DailyKos article quoted The New York Times and Major David Frakt’s “blistering” indictment of Cheney, Rumsfeld and Gonzales for enabling war crimes in his request for pretrial dismissal of United States v Mohammed Jawad, the 12-year-old child who was tortured, then held in Gitmo indefinitely. From prompell: “‘a blistering argument’, yeah, I bet that really hurt. Seriously, shut up with the stupid ‘messages’ and start prosecuting the bastards.” 

Did You Digg It?