Did You Digg It?

If the NYTimes.com most-emailed list was curated by Aunt Mabel, Digg.com’s ‘top news in all content’ list is probably generated by her 20- (or 30-) something nephew: a Twittering, iPhone wielding, card-carrying member of Generation Wii. Here’s what this dude (we’ll call him Kevin) and the rest of Diggnation have been Diggin’ in the past week:

More “Evidence” of Intelligent Design Shot Down By ScienceWired reports. Comment from NicoKun: “Intelligent Design proponents keep picking out unexplained elements here and there, and calling that evidence. But all they are really doing is standing on temporary ground, until science figures out the answer. A very ‘duh’ truth here is that we simply don’t know everything, and it takes time to learn and figure things out. Just because something isn’t explained yet, doesn’t invalidate what IS explained. These Intelligent Design arguments are the same type of flawed logic as saying ‘You can’t prove god doesn’t exist!’. That’s just not how logic and science works. It’s quite obvious that these people are trying to apply the sort of twisted logic they use to justify their religion, to reality and science.”

Pastor of Gun-Toter at Obama Event Prayed For Obama To Die — According to Talking Points Memo, Chris Broughton, the man who brought an assault rifle and a handgun to the Obama event last week, attended a fiery anti-Obama sermon the day before, in which Pastor Steven Anderson said he was going to “pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell.” The sermon was titled “Why I Hate Barack Obama.”

College Humor’s “5 Useful New Photoshop Filters” — Users roll over the photos with their mouse and find altered versions of ordinary-looking photos. Gary Busey’s crazed face replaces the heads of pretty model types. Party hats are placed on top of police as they abuse a protester, who is replaced with a pinata. One photo includes two pandas jousting each other with giant, puffy combat clubs. Comment from Favreism: “Panda Gladiators? *****, I’d watch it.”

The 5 Ballsiest Lies Ever Passed off as Journalism — Comedy site Cracked.com reviews what they consider big-time whoppers, like “NBC Has a Grudge Against GM,” “Stephen Glass’ Favorite Movie was Apparently Jerry McGuire” and “Pulitzer and Hearts’ Pissing Contest Started a Goddamn War.” They call Ben Franklin an “an accomplished black belt in the subtle art of being a dick (or, “dickjitsu”).” Diggers liked the new word.

RNC: Republicans will be denied health care — Salon.com has a story about a mailer from the party that suggests Democrats are planning to limit care by party registration. Cerin says: ” Well, if they insist….”

How To Make Any Food Ever — Want to impress your date with any dish? There’s a Web site for that. A new site recently launched in beta, called RecipePuppy.com (awww), allows users to type in a dish they’d like to make (say, pizza), select ingredients, and then get a list of recipes. MiniBear notes a discrepiancy: “I searched for dog…. I was very disappointed.”

“Vista Drivers” a geeky parody of “Eye of the Tiger” — A group called Palette-Swap Ninja put together a geeky ode to building their own computer to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. The group describes the song: “Nothing beats building your own PC from scratch — you get exactly what you want, and you get it for a lot less. If you’re reading this on a computer you built, hold your hand up to the screen right now — we’re giving you a big geeky high-five through the internet.” Here’s the chorus: “It came down to the drivers, though they put up a fight / I can see my performance soaring higher / Now with my best screwdriver I’ll make everything tight / And I finally found all the right Vista drivers.”

Five Features We Want to See in Firefox — Lifehacker takes on Diggers’ favorite browser and asks for better memory management and spell-check from custom dictionaries, among other things. Diggers included their own suggestions, like itisme1760: “A feature to destroy IE 6 users!”

Nokia N900 official, uses Linux to ‘kill’ iPhone — Electronista.com has a report that Nokia launched a new class of smartphone as its flagship. “The promised N900 is a crossover between smartphones and Nokia’s Internet tablets, and makes its biggest break in its change of operating system: although still a phone, the handset runs Nokia’s latest Linux variant, not Symbian: this gives it multitasking iPhones can’t have.” Virtualball has a thought: “To be perfectly honest, I don’t get this whole ‘iPhone killer’ marketing scheme. It’s not like any phone will get people to stop buying the iPhone; it’s a brand, people will always buy it. I’m not trying to be a fanboy, but it’s just true.”

Holographic GPU renders at near real-time speeds Star Wars technology at its best! ArsTechnica reports that researchers have developed specialized hardware to render holographic projections at near real-time speeds. The photo in the story has R2D2 projecting an image of the keyboard cat. Fanrir comments: “Help us keyboard cat! You’re our only hope.” Did You Digg It?