Elsewhere: Adolfo Carrion Rises, Post Office War, Incumbency Trouble

Adolfo Carrion surfaces.

Joe Conason tells Chris Matthews that the Obama birthers are empowered by Republican weakness.

What's next for Bill Clinton?

Michael Bloomberg couldn’t attend tonight’s NYCLU mayoral forum. The group later postponed the event.

The DNC is boosting some upstate Democrats for their positions on healthcare.

Some other liberal groups are not too pleased with them about health care.

Kirsten Gillibrand has a plan to fight asthma.

Closing post offices mean battles for congressmen.

Cy Vance wants to look at how race affects sentencing.

Steve Levy tries defending a joke about deporting people “like the guys back there in the kitchen.”

Finally, a blog for all the Republicans in Brooklyn.

Julie Bolcer thumbs through a new anti-Bloomberg publication.

A Dallas newspaper’s editorial board finds Bloomberg’s policy of flying homeless families out of the city to be not great.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorsed David Yassky.

John Liu went after Yassky for funding a group run by Steve DiBrienza.

Margaret Chin has a supporter in the comments section.

Readers debate Norman Siegel's sensitivity.

Jarrett Murphy looks at incumbents in trouble this year.

A Jewish outlet notes that the Bloomberg-Felder story comes when the “Orthodox community is reeling from the recent arrests of five rabbis and other Orthodox Jews” in New Jersey.

Here’s more on Bloomberg’s notable attire.

Tom Robbins recalls the uncensored nature of Olga Mendez.

Mark Green did not attend a debate in Queens. Elsewhere: Adolfo Carrion Rises, Post Office War, Incumbency Trouble