Elsewhere: Bloomberg Fights Guns, Bratton Departs, Snyder Hedges

“We are the largest exporter of weapons to Mexico," Bloomberg says to the Washington Post. "What America's doing is a disgrace."

The latest Google ad: Bloomberg = Independent.

Tom Robbins goes inside Bloomberg's television operation.

Bill Bratton is stepping down as head of the LAPD, and may be returning to New York to "reunite" with Public Integrity Commission head Michael Cherkasky.

Gatemouth is unrestrained. “[I]f Michael Bloomberg is given a free pass by the media for making sleazy deals with raving anti-Semitic lunatics, why should Casavis be treated any differently? As far as I can see, the only difference is that Bloomberg can afford to buy the Mercedes-Benz of anti-Semitic political parties, while Casavis got stuck with the 72 Plymouth.”

Robert Harding, a Kirsten Gillibrand supporter, doesn’t like how Jason Horowitz or Liz Benjamin are covering Kirsten Gilllibrand.

Leslie Crocker Snyder is “at best ambivalent” about prosecuting prostitution.

Michael McMahon defended Blue Dog Democrats who are debating liberal colleauges over health care, saying, “If we don't hold them to the center, they would lose the majority rather quickly."

Howard Wolfson said last night, “If you think that the schools were better under Bill Thompson’s leadership at the board of education, you should vote for him.”

Michael Mulgrew wants to know what U.F.T. members think, but not about teacher tenure or the absent Teacher Reserver issues.

Michael Forde, head of the carpenters union, was indicted.

A much-touted battery plant in Schenectady won't get subsidies from the federal stimulus package.

A buyout package hasn't affected state worker retirements.

Gambling company Delaware North bought six Australian resorts.

Mobilizing the Region says Bloomberg fulfilling his transportation promises will be a “tall order.”

Bloomberg spoke to a local Democratic club in Astoria.

Jarret Murphy notes that the city used to fund public housing but doesn’t any more.

Daniel Collins picks up on OTB’s floundering finances.

Jim Molinaro bashes John Luisi.

R.I.P.The Milbank Cillizza show. (Now drafting Adam Green!)

And here's video of Bill Thompson greeting voters by 145th Street. Elsewhere: Bloomberg Fights Guns, Bratton Departs, Snyder Hedges