Elsewhere: Bloomberg Tweets, Lander Puts Education on the Line

Bill Cunningham wants Barack Obama to get off the ropes after the summer to save health care reform.

Michael Bloomberg continues campaigning against the M.T.A.

Proof Bloomberg Tweets.

Jackie Salit defends Bloomberg’s independent credentials.

Reader Ed C discusses Bloomberg’s partisan donations.

Tom Feeney looks at Bloomberg and Chuck Schumer and the 2003 ferry crash.

Tom Suozzi Tweets about corruption.

Stuart Appelbaum does not approve of David Paterson’s restraint in the mayor’s race.

This site purports to be written on behalf of pandas who support Dede Scozzafava’s alleged pandering.

Nicole Gelinas says Jay Walder’s severance package is just “monetizing New York State’s increasingly untenable political dysfunction.”

Pot lobbyists got arrested at the Capitol for using pot plants to make their case. No, we didn’t make that up.

Some prison inmates got unemployment checks.

Howard Wolfson wonders which international story will have traction here.

Michael Barbaro stalks Bloomberg on Twitter.

Some folks are not happy with Cory Booker’s support of Bloomberg.

The creator of Twitter wants to meet Booker.

A pro-gun Virginia blogger wishes Bloomberg focused on criminals instead of the proliferation of guns. (Is it an either-or proposition?)

A Florida writer is unsure if schools there should follow Bloomberg’s lead in eliminating social promotion.

Liz Green wonders if the Wiener lawsuit could test the difference between the Department of Education, and Board of Education.

Brad Lander said being a public school parent is “a relevant qualification” in the Council race.

A debate in that race is taking place tonight.

Something I neglected to mention earlier: The Daily News endorsed Cy Vance for Manhattan D.A.

Having ties to the Working Families Party is not a deal-breaker for Mole333’s support.

Brooklyn Heights Blog thinks David Yassky’s commercial looks familiar.

Petition challenges got withdrawn in Flushing.

Jo Anne Simon says Vito Lopez is involved in the 33rd City Council race in order to control development in the area.

There’s trouble on the waterfront.

The Haggerty brothers make Jay Golub sad.

Not a good day to be a Mount Vernon Democrat.

Steve Kornacki will be on CNN between 8-8:30 to talk about Obama’s town hall meeting.

And The Fox/MSNBC “truce” is not holding. Elsewhere: Bloomberg Tweets, Lander Puts Education on the Line