Elsewhere: Castell’s Pitch, Maloney’s Withdrawal, Hackshaw’s Observation

So much for that special election.

Michael Bloomberg is doing an interview with the Queens Tribune on Monday, and its publisher wants your questions.

Bloomberg will personally Tweet on Sunday.

He’ll probably mention Cory Booker, who’ll join him on Meet the Press.

Geoffrey Gray handicaps the Times endorsement in the Manhattan DA’s race.

Eddy Castell tries fund-raising off Bloomberg’s attacks.

Bill Thompson’s musical theme song this week is from Ringo Starr.

Richard Aborn is in your mail box.

Addie Russell endorsed John T. Sullivan as the Democratic candidate to replace John McHugh in Congress.

Who is Rudy Johnson?

The state may get sued over a ferry it put on eBay.

Brian Kolb wants to have a constitutional convention.

David Paterson is ordering a look at all local mandates.

Chuck Schumer’s counsel, Preet Bharara, gets a big, new job.

For some reason, Rock Hackshaw writes, “Tracy Boyland has the most sexually-provocative lips of any black woman in US politics. When you combine nose, eyes, ears, and lips: Tracy is hot.”

Paul Schindler says Helen Sears risks angering the LGBT community for not denouncing the smear campaign against her gay opponent, Danny Dromm.

John Liu says, “when it comes to gaining a voice, I still feel that the Asian-American community is behind the LGBT curve.”

Observer cover-artist-genius Drew Friedman addresses the “Joker” controversy.

Hillary Clinton wants South Africa’s help in dealing with Robert Mugabe.

And pictured above is Carolyn Maloney at a Thompson event last month, before dropping out of the Senate race today.

Elsewhere: Castell’s Pitch, Maloney’s Withdrawal, Hackshaw’s Observation