Elsewhere: Doubting Giuliani, Pushing Gillibrand, Waiting on Schumer

Michael Bloomberg will join White House officials and others for a big pow-wow in Washington.

Bloomberg’s daughter competed with Lou Dobbs’ daughter.

Jacob Gershman thinks Giuliani won’t run for governor in 2010 because he’s eying Washington in 2012.

Ed Cox says he doesn’t know what a blueblood is.

Robert George makes fun of Eleanor Tatum’s defense of David Paterson.

Steve Sigmund is taking a temporary leave from the Port Authority to be Governor Jon Corzine’s acting communications director [no link].

Tom Robbins beats the same drum as Adam Lisberg, which is bad news for Bill Thompson.

David Yassky campaigns for Latino votes.

Chuck Schumer hasn’t endorsed in the comptroller’s race yet. David Yassky used to work for Chuck Schumer.

Is there a party in Brooklyn Schumer won’t attend?

Representative Pete King won’t challenge Kirsten Gillibrand.

Which leaves her open to Jon Cooper from the left.

Representative Michael McMahon supports abortion rights, but not the Capps Amendment.

Jerry Skurnik defends Ted Kennedy from columnists who say the senator lost the white working-class vote due to elitism.

Reader DANIELNYC says Ed Cox represents the future of the GOP.

Dan Jacoby was bothered by Bloomberg’s campaign sign.

Sheldon Silver, stylish.

Mole333 thinks Doug Biv is lying about an opponent’s record.

Julissa Ferrera’s opponent brings up her ties to Libre.

For Tony Avella’s seat, Kevin Kim got Citizens Union. Dan Halloran got a union.

David Rosasco can’t do a write-in candidacy.

Ray Kelly gets an expensive lawyer.

The MTA doesn’t want to name anything after Michael Jackson.

The public data directory, circa 1993.

Why can’t New York City build more toilets?

And here’s video of David Paterson announcing Jay-Z’s 9/11 concert today.

Elsewhere: Doubting Giuliani, Pushing Gillibrand, Waiting on Schumer