Elsewhere: Giuliani Calls, Paterson Defends

Rudy Giuliani is personally making calls for Henry Wojtaszek.

Joseph Spector says it’s a sign Giuliani wants to run for governor.

Peter King talks up Giuliani.

Giuliani is also helping secessionist-tolerant governor Rick Perry in Texas.

Russ Baker looks at Hassan Nemazee’s connection to Hillary Clinton.

Here are the PACs that Nemazee donated to.

Citizens Union backs Bill Thompson over Tony Avella.

Bill de Blasio and Michael Bloomberg on one mailer?

Eric Gioia gets noticed in the public advocate’s debate for calling for “civility” to be restored.

Ellis Henican took Bloomberg literally when the mayor said he’s not running against anybody.

Reader Tonedef09 says Bloomberg is right, since the election is a referendum on Bloomberg. Who his opponents are is secondary.

Bloomberg opens up his education database.

Jen Chung finds the humor in Bloomberg, a media mogul, not watching TV.

Matt Gorton emails to say he’s leaving City Hall to join Bloomberg’s campaign [no link].

David Paterson defends his record.

Paterson tells Lloyd Grove that getting 30 percent in the polls is an improvement.

Readers react to the story of Helen Sears missing an endorsement meeting in Queens.

A libertarian magazine dismisses the notion of estimating the number of jobs created by stimulus money.

If you run for office, stop by Marty Markowitz’s concerts.

How often has your state assemblyman voted with Sheldon Silver?

And here’s Bloomberg saying he’ll support the governor, whoever that is. Elsewhere: Giuliani Calls, Paterson Defends