Elsewhere: Golisano’s Buy, Clinton at Netroots

Pro-marijuana demonstrators won the right to represent themselves in court against charges they snuck pot plants into the Capitol as they lobbied legislators.

Tom Golisano bought a half hour of TV time to tell you about himself.

David Paterson announced more appointments.

Why isn't the M.T.A. fighting for one-man train operation?

Ed Cox is coming to Albany.

A cable TV reporter crashed a military vehicle during a test drive.

Hillary Clinton intervened personally with the justice secretary of Scotland to keep a Libyan man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing in jail.

How extraordinary were those senior-citizen complaints at Anthony Weiner's event, actually?

A judge accepted Antonia Novella's plea bargain, but slammed her actions.

Bill Clinton says he couldn't change Don't Ask Don't Tell because he didn't get enough political support from people who wanted to change Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Another read on the same speech.

He's at the Netroots convention.

Wayne Barrett writes about the last time Michael Bloomberg got DC37's endorsement. Elsewhere: Golisano’s Buy, Clinton at Netroots