Elsewhere: Hip-Hop Politics

“I’m not running against anybody.”

The headline on Newsday’s site goes further: “Bloomberg: I’m the only candidate that matters”

“[Bloomberg is] not right for the spirit of the city,” said Q-Tip.

Russell Simmons, who has supported Andrew Cuomo in the past, defends David Paterson, and ends up helping Cuomo.

Hello, Tony Scannapieco.

David Weprin releases his list of clients.

Adam Lisberg has debate answers.

Cy Vance defends his defense work, and writes “it long ago strengthened my opposition to the death penalty,” taking a shot at Leslie Crocker Snyder.

Richard Aborn campaigns against too many arrests.

“It took [Alan] Gerson a long time to make his points. Forty minutes into a nearly two-hour interview with Downtown Express, Gerson said he had just given the short version of his accomplishments.”

There are vacancies in the education department, and a hiring freeze.

Brooklyn conservatives want to attend Mike McMahon’s town hall, if he’ll host one.

Hassan Nemazee’s money goes the other way.

A Hillary Clinton spokesman gets a job in Los Angeles.

<a href="http://www.law.georgetown.edu/oneillinstitute/The idea, advanced by some conservative think tanks, that health care reform is unconstitutional is not really all that correct.

And “After Kennedy’s Death, Silence from Pope.” Elsewhere: Hip-Hop Politics