Elsewhere: McCain’s List, King’s Offensive, Paterson’s Silver Problem

Michael Bloomberg in the Bronx-9

Michael Bloomberg was one of six people John McCain considered for vice president, according to a new book coming out.

Bloomberg campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson declined to comment [no link].

Emily Belz calls Bloomberg is the “most surprising of all” on the list.

By not taking himself out of the running, one interpretation goes, the implication is that Bloomberg would have been happy to serve in a Republican administration.

The guy who wanted to run with Bloomberg, John McCain, will oppose Sonia Sotomayor.

Rudy Giuliani was on Staten Island, criticizing Barack Obama.

Representative Pete King belittled the need for universal health care.

Brian McGrath is the leading Democrat to replace John McHugh, according to a poll in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

David Paterson and Sheldon Silver are in a fight.</p

Andrew Cuomo is happy about the S.E.C. cracking down on Bank of America.

State Senator Jim Alesi explains his poor attendance.

The M.T.A. said they welcomed Bloomberg’s suggestions for improving transit.

City Room readers are critical of Bloomberg’s plans.

Peter Spencer notes there’s not much in it for South Shore residents.

On Google, Bloomberg’s ad says, “Graduation is up. Dropouts are down. Parents need facts, not politics.”

Andrew Carden is unhappy with Bill Thompson and Carolyn Maloney.

Helen Sears told a local paper she would have preferred that term limits be decided in a referendum. But she voted against an amendment to do just that.

Eric Gioia gets an endorsement from firefighters.

Carol Sheinin thinks a poster of Obama depicted as the Joker is fair game, since Bush was depicted as Hitler.

Josh Robin will chat with Pat Kiernan on Skype.

The UFT’s new president outlines his priorities.

Tom Suozzi stays busy.

David Casavis tries generating traction in the comments section.

And pictured above is Bloomberg at an event in the Bronx before the presidential race. Elsewhere: McCain’s List, King’s Offensive, Paterson’s Silver Problem