Elsewhere: Paterson’s Budget Strategy, De Blasio’s Poll Movement

Here’s NY1’s piece on Ted Kennedy.

The Clintons took their time.

Kennedy’s passing is now a rallying call for health care reform.

Eliot Engel’s town hall was calm, since it was conducted via telephone.

Norman Siegel feels the rhythm.

David Paterson won’t advertise what he plans to cut from the budget.

He was in Sag Harbor on Sunday.

He’s going upstate tomorrow.

Irene Liu gets her hands on a reorganization memo for Senate Democrats.

Ed Cox praises Rudy Giuliani, even though Giuilani is backing another candidate for state chairman.

Actually, there are some people who haven’t seen Michael Bloomberg’s ads.

Josh Robin will be busy tonight.

Howard Wolfson won’t hit Q-Tip.

Reader Troy says forget the polls, Bill Thompson will win.

Bloomberg’s speechwriter is in the Irish Echo.

Bill de Blasio’s rise came at the expense of Norman Siegel, says Adam Lisberg.

Sal Gentile reads Newsday’s Tweets, which have now become more appropriate.

The Wall Street Journal probably should have known that this would eventually happen if they gave Mark Penn a column.

And here’s Ted Kennedy, campaigning. Elsewhere: Paterson’s Budget Strategy, De Blasio’s Poll Movement