Elsewhere: Post-Racial ?


David Paterson: “And I submit that the same kind of treatment that Deval Patrick is receiving right now in Massachusetts, and I’m receiving…that we’re not in the post-racial period.”

Times readers sound off on that.

Dan Amira parses Paterson’s complaints, and finds them not entirely justified.

Roy Edroso thinks Paterson is crazy like a fox: “When this phase of history is over, he might prefer to be remembered for the nobility of his aspirations and the dark forces that worked against him than for his actual achievements.”

Paterson said reporters are trying to get a promotion by trashing him.

Michael Bloomberg’s comments got fixed quickly: “It was clear that Bloomberg or one of his aides realized his gaffe while he was still on the air Friday.”

Doug Muzzio says Bill Thompson has to beat the “Bloomberg does not feel your pain” drum often.

There’s not much daylight between Eric Gioia and Norman Siegel on eminent domain. Ditto for Mark Green and Bill de Blasio.

David Yassky and Melinda Katz don’t flunk Bloomberg.

“What you have to understand is when you have the power of the audit, you also have the power to set policy,” said Melinda Katz.

Danny Dromm and Helen Sears both claim support among Latinos.

Reader Izengabe212 hits Maria Baez for her attendance.

Joel Klein gets more educators in his inner circle.

Gun owners try sending Bloomberg a message from Seattle’s primary.

Bloomberg’s office live-tweeted the Staten Island Little League game.

Niall Stanage hopes to end a running argument on the influence of the “Irish vote” in American elections.

And pictured above is David Paterson. Elsewhere: Post-Racial ?