Elsewhere: Schumer’s Primary Endorsement, Sweeney’s Graduation

Chuck Schumer and His Book

Chuck Schumer will endorse Vito Lopez’s chief of staff, Steve Levin, for City Council.

Michael Barbaro looks at Michael Bloomberg’s explanation for not having paperwork to explain the funding that went to Ohel and Agudath.

Here’s Bloomberg’s campaign ad about better mass transit.

Thompson answers more housing questions.

The Queens Chronicle editorial board said term limits works better than matching funds for ousting incumbents, and says Bloomberg’s spending “nullifies the entire system” of publicly financing campaigns.

James Sanders welcomed campaign money from Bloomberg, but won’t say who he’s endorsing for mayor.

State Senator Jose M. Serrano is not a member of the Puerto Rican caucus, technically.

Representative Scott Murphy will have company at his town hall.

Twitter got Web-attacked.

Former congressman John Sweeney finished rehab.

Bob Conner writes positive things about Schenectady.

Dan Squadron speaks in favor of the nomination of Dennis Rosen to lead the State Liquor Authority.

Listen to Carl Heastie’s interview on the Perez Notes, where he talks about his relationship with Pedro Espada.

Anna Phillips has more on the renewal of mayoral control.

John Choe told an audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have risked my life for your benefit,” and, “I have gone into the Flushing River itself. I have tested it and I have come back alive.”

Mayoral control was renewed, with some tweaks.

Bill de Blasio, of Brooklyn, picked up a few endorsements from lawmakers in Queens, home of candidate Eric Gioia.

The India Journal takes note of David Paterson’s appointee.

James Wu wants your vote on September 19, even though the primary is on September 15.

Helen Sears’ challenger talks about his troubled past.

Jonathan Capehart’s mom is protective of her son.

Bill O’Reilly sings the praises of Barack Obama.

Read all the old Village Voice articles you want.

And pictured above is Chuck Schumer, who’s had a pretty good run lately. Elsewhere: Schumer’s Primary Endorsement, Sweeney’s Graduation