Elsewhere: Smurfberg


Kevin Sheekey wants his boss referred to as Obi Wan, not Papa Smurf (which Adrian Fenty does here).

“[T]hat is sort of what I expect from him and I never like it when I get it, you know? Blecho.”

Chris Rovzar notes Bloomberg’s diss of Rupert Murdoch and Mort Zuckerman’s use of their newspapers.

The PBA will honor Bill Bratton, noted rival of the current police commissioner, Ray Kelly, says Len Levitt.

Bloomberg used stimulus funds to build affordable housing.

Helen Marshall trails Marc Leavitt.

A candidate in Queens denies she’s unreachable, and says the New York Times is biased.

Poor New Yorkers still distrust banks.

Bill Owens has a working campaign web site.

Doug Hoffman signed the an anti-tax pledge.

Here’s Tom Golisano’s infomercial.

Oliver Koppell is wearing a Seersucker suit today.

Kathleen Turner helps Leslie Crocker Snyder.

Alan Gerson isn’t on the absentee ballot.

The student who asked Barack Obama a question at a town hall meeting does not get to ask a question during an appearance on MSNBC.

Anthony Weiner warns about dropping the public option.

On this issue, Weiner represents the middle, which is pretty hard-line, says Newsweek.

“If the president thinks he’s cutting a deal to get Senate votes, he’s probably losing House votes,” Weiner said.

Jerry Nadler is defending Eric Holder’s torture probe.

Howard Dean says Bill Clinton is still the country’s smartest political tactician.

And pictured above is David Paterson at an event to announce the building of affordable housing in Manhattan this afternoon. Elsewhere: Smurfberg